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In 2001, Sophie and her Packer Collegiate classmates founded Kids Walk. At that time, Sophie's brother, Simon, was finishing treatment for stage IV neuroblastoma at Memorial Sloan Kettering. Today, schools continue to play a big part in Kids Walk by walking and raising money for pediatric cancer research.

Get Your School Involved

Start a school team and rally students, teachers, administrators, and clubs to join. Talk about Kids Walk and share why supporting pediatric cancer research is important to you. Let others know how they can make a difference with you. Here are some ways to get people to register. Keep in mind you’ll need to always ask permission at your school.

  • Put flyers up around the school or on your locker
  • Make an announcement at a school assembly
  • Include information in a school-wide email for students and parents
  • Ask your Community Service Advisor if this event can be turned into a community service. If so, ask how your advisor can help to spread the word.
  • Tell a teacher or administrator about Kids Walk, why it’s important to you, and how you could use support to get others to register.
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Fundraise at Your School

You’re at school five days a week, so think about creative fundraising ideas that involve your school and classmates. Before moving forward with any ideas, always ask first to make sure it’s okay. Here are some fundraising tips:

  • Make a Video
    Grab your phone and ask a friend to record a short video of you (about 30 seconds). Explain why you’re raising money for Kids Walk and why it’s meaningful to you. Then, share your video through email and upload it on Facebook or Instagram — don't forget to include a link to your fundraising page!
  • Chores for Donations
    Brainstorm how to raise money during a typical day. Ask your parents if you could do more chores around the house. Help cook dinner, walk the dog, take out the trash, or make your own school lunch.
  • Throw a Competitive Event
    Have a Wii, Xbox, Bocce, board game or Can Jam challenge for prizes, and charge each entrant a participation fee. This fee will count as a donation. Think up a fun and creative prize for the winners!
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How to Talk about Kids Walk and MSK Pediatrics

  • Kids Walk is a 1.5-mile walk in Central Park, where patients, families, students, and supporters come together with one unified goal: to beat pediatric cancers by raising money for research!
  • Any dollar amount helps because 100% of every dollar raised goes directly to MSK Pediatrics — where doctors are doing some pretty exciting and important work to improve the lives of kids with cancer.
  • It’s important to support MSK Pediatrics because more kids with cancer are treated there than any hospital in the United States.
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Get your school involved in Kids Walk! Download the information and share  >